Megastar Chiranjeevi's 152nd movie "Acharya" Teaser and Release Date Revealed

Megastar Chiranjeevi's 152nd movie "Acharya". On the occasion of Republic Day, the movie unit announced that there will be an update from this movie. The next day the teaser date was revealed. It has been announced that the teaser will be released on January 29 at 4.05 pm. Ever since then fans have been eagerly waiting for the teaser. The time to close that suspense was approaching.

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Dharmasthali doors opened. The megastar tightens his fists and flies a red scarf as he waves from the middle of the crowd. Megapower star Ramcharan voiced in the teaser as the hero Varun Tej leaked. ‘Those who live for others are equal to God. There is no need for God to come and save their lives if their lives are in danger, 'said the megastar while giving Cherry voice over. Whether the teaser is released or not, it is trending with millions of views in a matter of seconds.

Within 30 minutes of its release, it received over eighty lakh views and over one lakh likes. Mega fans are anxiously waiting for more records to be broken in a matter of hours or days, with millions of views within minutes of its release. 

Hero Ram Charan has revealed that Acharya will be making a splash in theaters on May 13. On this occasion, he tweeted on Twitter that ‘Acharya will be released in theaters around the world from May 13’.

Directed by Koratala Shiva, the film is being produced by Niranjan Reddy and Ramcharan. Chiranjeevi will be paired with Kajal Agarwal and his son Ramcharan will be paired with Pooja Hegde. Meanwhile, writers like Kanneganti Anil Krishna and Rajesh Manduri have alleged that the 'Acharya' story is mine. The Acharya film crew released a letter denying that there was any truth in it. It is a known fact that it is not right to accuse Acharya saying that the concept of the story was originally made by Koratala Shiva.

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