Maara Tamil Movie Review: Madhavan, Shraddha Srinath, and MS Bhaskar

Maara is the Tamil remake of the Malayalam movie Charlie, starring Dhulkar Salman and Parvathi. Madhavan, Shraddha Srinath, and MS Bhaskar played the lead roles in Maara. and Gibran has composed the music. Directed by debutant director Dilip Kumar, the film has been released on Amazon Prime. The heroine Shraddha goes to Kerala without meeting the groom she sees at home. There he stays and sees the stories he heard as a child being painted. And he stays at the house where Madhavan had stayed before, and that true story also stands in half as suspense and then begins to search for Madhavan to find out what happened next.

Shraddha, who only hears about Madhavan by word of mouth, meets and talks to the people involved, through which she falls in love with Madhavan. To continue Shraddha's search foil like this, did he meet Madhavan, what is their love.? Is the rest of the story of the film. Madhavan has played the role of Maara. He brings his character to life by elegantly expressing his acting. Without imitating Dhulkar Salman, Likes begs to show his uniqueness. Strong character for Shraddha Srinath. It captivates us with the way he expresses it through his petty emotions.

Another strength of the film is the supporting cast that supports the story. MS Bhaskar, Kishore, Mauli, and Abirami are joining the cast of Maara. Stand-up comedian Alex impresses with his humor. While remaking the super hit movie Charlie not only in Malayalam but also in Tamil, director Dileep Kumar scores some changes in the script accordingly. The choice of actors also gives confidence in the way the film is shot.

Dinesh Krishnan - Karthik Muthukumar's cinematography transforms the beauty of the story into frames. Gibran's music is also rhythmic to the scenes. Also, Art Director Ajayan gets compliments for his exquisite work on small objects and paintings. The screenplay moves naturally in the first half to impress the audience, while the slowing down in the second half causes a slight slump. And beyond the emotions that followed throughout the film, it seems that it could have been visualized even heavier at the climax.

Verdict: Like a beautiful painting, Maara is a Feel-Good Emotional Drama

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