Krack Telugu Movie Review

Title‌: Krack‌

Genre: Action Thriller

Cast: Ravi Teja, Shrutihasan, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Samudrakhani, Sudhakar Komakula, Vamsi, Ravi Shankar, Saptagiri etc.

Production Company: Saraswati Film Division

Producer: B. Madhu

Directed by: Gopichand Malineni

Music: Thaman S

Cinematography: GK Vishnu

Editor: Naveen Nooli

Release Date: January 9, 2021

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja movies have not played big in recent times. The big hit movie never fell on his account after 'Raja The Great'. The launch of 'Disco Raja', which was very ambitious last year, also failed. Ravi Teja is determined to hit a big hit this time. As part of this, he teamed up with young director Gopichand Malineni, who had previously given him super hits like 'Don Srinu' and 'Balupu', and made a movie called 'Krack'. 

Already released posters, teasers and songs have created a positive buzz on the film. With this, ‘Krack’ came out to the audience today as a gift of wallpapers amidst many expectations. And did the film hit Ravi Teja on the hit track ?, Gopichand Malineni, Ravi Teja combo hat trick success? Let's see in the review.


Pota Raju Veera Shankar (Ravi Teja) is a crazy cop. If anyone breaks down the background, they will fall. Thus, in his own style, CI Veera Shankar quarrels with three criminals in different cities. The most powerful of them is the Katari (ocean mine) of Ongole. He means fear of the surrounding 20 villages. Veerashankar rebels against such a person. The quarrel with Katari escalates further as he learns the causes of his colleague's son's death. In this sequence, Katari plots to kill Veerashankar. What actually happened between Mari Katari and Veera Shankar? What did Veera Shankar finally do? Is the rest of the story.

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Ravi Teja seems to be synonymous with the word mass. The whole story in his film revolves around him. His one-man show also ran in this movie. Once again we can see the fire in Mass Maharaja on the screen. For Ravi Teja fans, however, it is an eye-opener. Energy as well as looking stylish. Ravi Teja plays the role of a powerful police officer named Veera Shankar, the king of the CIA. He carried the entire film on his shoulders. 

Also, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar was impressed with the negative role of Jayamma. After Ravi Teja, Samudrakhani is the most mature character in the film. He gave life to the villain character 'Kathari'. Impressed with his performance. Shruti Haasan, Sudhakar, Ravi Shankar acted according to the range of their roles.


‘Krack’ is a film that blends real characters perfectly into a commercial movie. The film is based on some real events that took place in Andhra Pradesh. The director's main target is to make a movie that the mass audience will like, and it will be understood within a few minutes of the start of the movie. Put a nail in the mango and put it on a fifty rupee note ... It all seems a bit silly when the story starts. 

But saying that the whole story of the movie is the same .. the approach shown on the screen feels a bit new. All in all the director was trying to show something new. Telling the background of the story to the hero Venkatesh, one of the Vetapalam batch came out of the sand on the beach and ran back and forth to drink the blood of the donkey and it felt a bit new to the audience.

Some scenes, however, seem a bit silly. It does not seem so convenient that the hero goes and catches a terrorist when he sees a burqa slipping out of the hand of a woman carrying ironed clothes, as well as looking for a copy of the FIR at the police station regarding the main villain case, slipping from the wall. Also, the story of the movie goes on a bit routine. 

The audience can easily guess what is happening next. But the way the director shows the routine story on screen is great. No longer did the hero, heroines romantic track even bear fruit. Shruti Haasan made a re-entry into movies with a good film, but sadly, she was limited to songs and a few scenes.

The main strength of this film is the music. Thaman did magic with his songs and background music. He enlivened the action scenes with his own BBM. The fight scenes of Ram Laxman are the highlight of the movie. Fights‌ are very new. The fights between the Ravi Teja villains in the film are the highlight of the film. The action scenes are sure to impress all mass audiences. GK Vishnu Cinematography is good. Construction values ​​are good for storytelling. Finally, on the occasion of Sankranthi, Ravi Teja offered masala biryani to his fans.

Plus points:

Ravi Teja acting, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Samudrakhani, Characters

Thaman‌ Music‌

Action‌ scenes that take place between the villains and the hero

Minus Points:

Routine‌ story

First Half Family Scenes

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