Tribhanga Movie Review: Kajol's OTT Debut Movie Tribhanga Movie Review

Director- Renuka Shahane

Artists- Kajol, Tanvi Azmi, Mithila Palkar, Kunal Roy Kapur 

Platform - Netflix

Rating- 3/5

Today, we will talk about the film 'Tribhanga' released on Netflix. Even though Indian cinema has progressed, women-centric films are still rare where a man has not been a hero. When a film comes in, not only all the leading star casts but also the director are a woman, the expectations are a little bound. Does 'tri breach' meet these expectations? Let us know.


'Tribhanga' is the pose of an Odyssey dance. In which the dancer's Body bends in three different directions. The film also says something similar. Three female characters have different attitudes and different perspectives from each other. This is the story of three generations. Rebellious writer Nayantara Apte. Her filmstar and Odyssey dancer betty Anuradha. And Masha, daughter of Anuradha's Happy Go Lucky Nature. Nayantara is writing her own biography. Clishtha Hindi writer Milan Upadhyay.

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In one such session, Nayantara gets a stroke and gets into a coma. Anuradha, who has been forced to land her mother in the hospital, finds herself trapped amidst the good and bitter memories. From here, the story opens with flashbacks. That's why Anuradha has been so hated by her mother. Did this hatred have any good effect on her own daughter? Or just change the character and the story remained the same? Watch the movie to find out all this, you won't be disappointed


'Trifraud' is an adventurous attempt in itself. It talks about women's choice, but not in the tone of giving knowledge. They don't choose the path of untiring when women show different struggles. Neither Nayantara, neither ANU nor Masha are poor. All of them have had their own choice and have handled every problem they have faced. One's part was the poison of the patriarch, one's part of the abuse, then one's part of the orthodox social system.

Nayan fought for the ideological freedom of a woman in eighties India. And in this process, he got away from his offspring. Anu considered her mother's passion for writing as negligence towards children. The hatred stemmed from him as a result of being over-protective about his own offspring. And in that order, more or less, he came and stood up where he had his own mother. Masha, who did not get anything in the name of the family, chose to fall into the vicious circle of the joint family. By and large, 'Trifraud' tries to see successful mothers from the point of view of their offspring. And this effort touches all the important issues.

The Kajol Show

The most powerful aspect of 'Trifrath' is its casting. Kajol is here in The Jalal in Anuradha's role. Anuradha, who has a very clear view of life. Anuradha, who was in a coma, stood up and killed. Anuradha, who fills the mouth. Kajol shines in every frame. His encounters with Kunal Roy Kapur, who rolls out Milan, are charging money. Basically, this is the pro version of The Blunt Anjali with 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham'. Updated with abuses. While she completely dissolves the unbalance in her dialogues and gestures, she also acts her eyes in emotional scenes. Amazing performance.

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The same thing can be said more or less for Tanvi Azmi. He has caught Nayantara's character very closely. In just a few horns, he played a very passionate writer to crush stereotypes. Mithila Palkar also did her job cleanly. A girl who grew up in her mother's dominating and caring shadows, who dares to keep her point clearly when the time comes. Another good roll of Mithila after the 'caravan'. Kunal Roy Kapur is successfully registering his presence even though he has three strong actresses. Some of the scenes that are abused by Kajol are very technical. In addition, The Splendour evmatics also give positive vibes in Kajol's brother's role.

The most appreciative of this should be Renuka Shahane, who has not only written the film but also handled the direction. Both of these responsibilities have been played efficiently. His characters are Unapologetic, revolting, but not bookish. Are realistic. The film's dialogues are a mix of three languages. Marathi, Hindi, English. Where who suits. This makes the film even stronger.

Last year' Shakuntala Devi' was missed in an attempt to see the successful mother's personal life from her children's eye. Renuka's 'Tribhanga' is successfully done. This weekend can be seen as a small but powerful film.

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