Is Trivikram also doing directing supervision for Pawan Kalyan's new film?

Directing Supervision... For some senior and star directors, this is a lot of fun. From director Raghavendra Rao to star director Anil Ravipudi of this generation, many have done this mesmerizing. It will be recalled that Raghavendra Rao directed and supervised Rajamouli's debut film 'Student Number One'. As far as Anil Ravipudi is concerned, it is known that he himself has recently taken the responsibility of 'directing supervision' for 'Gali Sampath' which opens with his story.

Some officially take the ‘directorial supervision’ credit but .. some directors run it all by themselves without taking that credit. It is said that Sukumar did the same in the case of 'Kumari 21F'. His impression in the film looks like that. Now there are doubts whether another star director Trivikram Srinivas is doing the same.

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Power star Pawan Kalyan and Rana Daggubati's remake of the movie 'Ayyappanum Koshiyum' went on the sets on Monday. It is known that Trivikram is providing the screenplay and dialogues for this film. The fact that Trivikram wrote the dialogues gives the impression that he is the one who made the film. ‘Teen Mar’ is an example of this. He also wrote the screenplay for the remake of 'Ayyappanum Koshiyum'. The story is in Malayalam. All that was left was for director Sagar Chandra to shoot the scenes following Trivikram's script.

However, Trivikram also appeared on the shooting spot on the first day of the film. The entire Trivikram scenes were seen in the video released on the occasion. He was the highlight. The director walked aside. Doubts have been raised as to whether Trivikram would have looked around like this on the first day, or whether Sagar had no experience dealing with stars and would continue until the film was over. Anyway, it will take time for the NTR movie to start, so there are doubts as to whether Trivikram will complete the film unofficially under the supervision of the director.

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None of the Telugu people who saw the movie 'Ayyappanum Koshiyum' on Amazon imagined Pawan Kalyan as Ayyappa Nair. In fact, even those who took the film rights thought it was Balakrishna or Ravi Teja or Venkatesh. However, Pawan Kalyan himself was impressed and proceeded to do the role. With the arrival of Pawan, the look of the film changed. Changes had to be made to suit Pawan's image. With the help of Trivikram.

Trivikram to make changes without compromising the relevance of the role of Pawan Kalyan without spoiling the soul of Malayalam cinema. The changes seemed very convincing to Pawan, Rana as well as Sagar Chandra who is directing the film. Trivikram is showing his magic as if it is a real Pawan Kalyan movie. Gabbar Singh is so different from those who have seen Dabangg, the industry feels that this film will feel just as new, it will be Pawan Kalyan's trademark film.

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