Amit Sadh's 'Jeet Ki Zid' Zee5 Web Series Review

Artists - Amit Sadh, Amrita Puri, Sushant Singh, Eli Goni, etc.

Director- Vishal Mangalorekar

Producer- Boney Kapoor

OTT Platform- Zee5

Stories related to the army and jawans have their own adventures. In that too, if the story is of a braveheart who has won the battle by fighting the enemy standing in front of him, then the level of adventure is different. Then this story does not remain of any military officer. It becomes the story of every person who makes his stubbornness his biggest weapon to overcome the intense darkness of despair and despair.

The web series Jeet Ki Zid released on Zee5 is the true story of X Army officer Maj Deep Singh Sanger's passion, guts, and victory for Jeet with some fictionality. It is also the story of all the jawans and officers who, when they return to normal life on the battlefield, with indomitable courage and valor marks on their bodies and chest medals, a new battle is set before them.

Jeet's stubborn web series also underscores the importance of that support system as family, friends, and companions, who encourage themselves to win this battle that is being fought, as Major Deep Singh in the last episode of the series Sanger appears to be accepted into a program.

The story of Aakash Chawla and Arunabha Joy Sengupta has been scripted by screenwriter Siddharth Mishra in a non-linear narrative style. The screenplay depicts major events between 1987 and 2010 in Major Sanger's life, traveling in the present and the past. Meanwhile, the story reaches Gurgaon via the Premier Management Institute of Bhopal, IMA Dehradun, Jammu and Kashmir, Ahmedabad.

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The first episode begins with a military operation in Jammu and Kashmir during the last years of the last century. In a school, terrorists have held some civilians hostage. On receiving the information, Major Sanger reaches the school to rescue the hostages. The mission succeeds, but Major Sanger is shot. During the operation, Major remembers a shocking incident in his childhood, which changed the course of his life. The Major is admitted to the Army Hospital in Delhi. Major dedicated to his profession wants to go to his unit as soon as possible, but according to doctors, he is medically unfit.

Arriving from the hospital environment, Major, holding his urinary bag in his hand, leaves quietly to attend the wedding of friend Major Surya Sethi (Eli Gony), where he meets Jaya (Amrita Puri). Both start liking each other. Seeing Major's restlessness, the Commanding Officer gives him 15 days time to prove his fitness. Meanwhile, Major gets the news that war has erupted in Kargil and his name is not on the list of those going for the operation.

Major Sanger approaches his unit. Seeing Major's insistence, the CO allows him to lead the operation. Major Deep Singh Sengar of Special Forces, who returned after consuming five bullets in this military operation, wins the battle of life after battling for several months in the hospital, but the idea of ​​spending life in a wheelchair fills Major with despair.

With the inspiration of his wife, Major cat passes the exam and enroll in a premier management institute in Ahmedabad. After doing MBA, he starts working in a corporate company and rises up the ladder of success. But during this time, some such incidents happen that Major realizes his disabilities and slowly drowns him in the darkness of despair. This is followed by a battle with Major himself, in which his wife Jaya, friend Surya and Colonel Ranjit Choudhary, who was the CO of Major in the training of Special Forces, form their support system.

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While Jeet's Zid series is spread over 7 episodes, the real boom only comes in the last three episodes. The maturity of Amit Sadh's performance in these episodes is worth watching. The homework that Amit has done to become Major Deep Sanger is evident by seeing him on screen. The transformation of Major from a major who defeated the challenges of Special Forces' training to an unarmed and lost X-Army officer in a wheelchair has brought Amit to life with his performance. Apart from Major Sanger in the series, the character of wife Jaya is very important and Amrita Puri's part has also brought some great scenes.

Despite Major being confined to the wheelchair, deciding to marry, motivate him to get him out of depression or go to seek help from Colonel Chaudhary after seeing Major disintegrating. Amrita has given full dimension to Jaya's feelings through her acting. Ellie Gony did a fine job as a friend. In the midst of all this, Sushant Singh manages to leave his mark in the role of Colonel Chaudhary, who has a strong, temperamental but dead body.

Emotions are effectively engraved in Jeet's insistence, but the technical aspect misses the series. Some scenes are extremely childish. The immaturity in these scenes, from the performances of the supporting cast to the editing, is clearly visible. The performance of the first boxing match scene featuring the characters of Goni and Amit Sadh in IMA is very light and lifeless. The lack of tight direction in the combination of scenes is clearly reflected.

The body language and gestures of junior actors who play probationers in the training scenes of Special Forces do not seem to be military at all. In such a situation, the main cast is under pressure to make the scenes effective. The canvas of the series itself suddenly seems small. Too much back and forth in screenplays also breaks the flow. Such deficiencies undermine Vishal Mangalorekar's direction.

At the end of every episode of the series, Major Sanger comes with his wife Jaya and interacts with the audience, and discusses the major events. We have seen such experiments with photographs in biopic films, but it has not been seen before to come and talk on our own. Jeet Ki Zid is an inspiring and passionate web series with its own strengths and flaws, which should be appreciated for Amit Sadh's honest performance.

Verdict - *** (3 stars)

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